Butchers Wakefield – Behind the scenes

Craft Butchery at Blacker Hall

Find out more about our award-winning Butchers, Wakefield.

Are you really interested in what our team of butchers get up to in the production room?

Our team of  butchers at our Farm Shop Butchers, Wakefield, prepare lots of meat every week here at Blacker Hall. We use full carcasses rather than buying the bits and pieces we want in bags and boxes… this means we have full traceability of the meat throughout our production processes. Lots of butchers and supermarkets only buy the pieces they want, we use the whole animal. This means we know the origin of every piece of meat we sell, often the farmer too! In most cases it’s a family member or someone we have farmed closely alongside for generations.

Our specification for meat is high. When the meat is not from our own farm we only use the very best locally reared meats from trusted Yorkshire suppliers and farmers.

All pork comes from our own farm, beef comes from our own farm and other local farms, lamb comes from our own farm and other local farms and we supply poultry from two Yorkshire producers and one from the North East of England.

We dry age our beef steaks and roasts on the bone for a minimum of 21 days

Meat Hanging

Our Yorkshire beef is famous throughout the UK and was officially crowned Britain’s Best Roast Beef in 2004 at the EBLEX George Awards. Our steaks have also won top prizes.

We make our own burgers, sausages, bacon, gammon and lots more… they are pretty good too! We have won major awards for all our meat products, including championship titles for sausages, meatballs, gammon and lots of Great Taste Awards – these are the Oscars of the food industry! Our most recent haul of nine awards was at the Q Guild of Butchers, Smithfield Awards, in November last year.

Craft Butchery experience of 137 years!
Craft Butchers at Blacker Hall

John, Paul and Ray are our three full-time butchers who break down the carcasses five days a week. They are highly skilled craft butchers with a combined butchery experience of 93 years!! If we included Ian, our Butchery Manager, the combined total would be 137 years! All four started their careers at the ages of 15 or 16 as ‘Saturday lads’ and soon became accomplished in the skill of craft butchery.

The butchers are supported by a team of butchery assistants with various specialities including, sausage making, curing, final prep and counter service. The butchery has a team of 15 people.

Tracking our meat

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