Cooking Guide

We have prepared this Cooking Guide to help you roast with confidence!    

Whether it’s your first time roasting or you simply want a handy reference with all your favourite roasting joints in one place… this guide should help.
This is a guide only as ovens do vary, always check that meat is fully cooked through by pressing out the the juices from the centre of the meat….They will run clear when fully cooked!

Download the Printable Version Here…


  • Sear your meat at the highest temperature for the first 10 – 15 minutes depending on the size of your joint or bird.
  • Baste your meat while cooking by spooning the meat juices over the joint frequently.
  • Check the colour of the meat juices for readiness, these will run clear when fully cooked. You can check these by inserting a sharp knife or skewer into the fattest point, next to the breast bone in poultry, and pressing out the juices.
  • Rest your meat in a warm place, covered with foil and perhaps a tea-towel, before you serve. Larger joints will rest nicely for up to 30 minutes, turkeys for up to an hour. This will help the juices settle and give an even moisture throughout.

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