Game from The Butchery

New Season Game

We’re now entering the main season for game, and we have lots available at the Butchery counter, including Partridge, Rabbit and Wood Pigeon.

If you haven’t tried Wood Pigeon, why not give it a go? Very similar in taste to Pheasant, it can be used as a substitute for Partridge, Pheasant or even Chicken. With the benefit of no closed season, it can be purchased all year round. However, they are tastiest over the next couple of months when they have the highest concentration of berries, seeds and whole grains in their diet, since their feeding is the height of free range from the local hedgerows, fields and woods!

The Health Benefits:

  • Since Wood Pigeon is a wild bird, they obviously exercise a lot, resulting in lean muscles, naturally low in fat, and a denser, textured meat
  • High in protein and minerals due to their own varied and mineral rich diet
  • Contains high levels of phosphorus, iron, potassium, floats and B vitamins, all of which are essential for a balanced diet, and maintaining healthy nails, skin, hair and bones

How to serve Wood Pigeon:

Wood Pigeon goes well with tart, sweet flavours, such as apple, orange and berries. It creates a rich gravy which will take herbs such as rosemary and thyme, and alliums like red onions and garlic. It can be complemented with seasonal, steamed vegetables, and we currently have locally grown brassicas and kale available to buy.
Pigeon is a highly versatile meat which cooks quickly. The lean meat can be protected with bacon of roasting, or if you’re pan frying the breasts try adding some smoked bacon lardons.
Available ready prepared at The Butchery:

  • Wood Pigeon with Autumn Fruits and wrapped in bacon
  • Balmoral Pigeon – stuffed with Black Pudding and wrapped in bacon
  • Spiced Wood Pigeon breast sold on a rosemary skewer

If you’re simply pan frying a pigeon crown, finish it by glazing it in Redcurrant Jelly.

What’s more, all of these suggestions would go perfectly with our own homemade Dauphinoise Potatoes!