Meet some of our craft Butchers

Highlighting the expertise and craftsmanship involved in true Butchery, we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to some of our experts…

Ian Richardson image Mar15Ian Richardson – Butchery Manager

Ian has been our Butchery Manager for 9 years. He started out in Butchery as a Saturday boy and stayed with it, building a career now spanning over 40 years.

Ian sees many great benefits in working in the Butchery department at Blacker Hall, among them:


  • The fact that they have access to ‘factory level’ production equipment, including a burger press, smoker, extensive refrigeration and a sausage machine (which incidentally makes over 78km of sausages every year!)
  • Ian also enjoys the fact that at Blacker Hall, the Butcher is involved in the full process. All the meat is bought as a full carcass, it’s then dry aged here for 21 days before it’s taken to the cutting room to be trimmed to the various cuts. It’s then prepared and made into the finished products our customers see in the Butchery counter. We use as much of the meat as possible, so we have an extensive range of products, that also include the likes of stir-fries and meatballs, and 20 flavours of sausage

He believes what makes the Butchery counter at Blacker Hall exceptional is the quality of the meat – all of it from the family’s own farm or farms that we know well. The level of ‘quality control’, in terms of ensuring that only the best produce reaches the counter, is second to none.

Ian’s favourite cut of meat to cook is Rumpette Steak – make sure it’s cut a good inch thick, then brush both sides with oil and season. Heat a pan (with no oil), and when very hot fry on both sides for 2 minutes. Leave the Rumpette to rest for 10 minutes and then serve it simply with a green salad, new potatoes or chips, and a good English mustard – great texture and flavour!


John Porter – Butchery Production Supervisor

John has worked at Blacker Hall for 3 years and has 30 years experience. John’s father was a Butcher, so he was introduced to the trade as a young boy. It’s obviously in the blood!

Like Ian, his passion comes from seeing the carcass right through to the finished product, which is increasingly rare.

He believes what makes the Butchery produce at Blacker Hall exceptional is the quality of the meat, the full traceability, and the great customer service and expert advice offered by the Counter Sales Staff.

John’s favourite cut of meat to cook is Blacker Hall’s award-winning Sirloin Steak – pan fried, medium rare, served with steamed veg and a large glass of red wine! He claims this is the secret to his ‘happy wife, happy life’!


Pete Wood image

Pete Wood – Butchery Assistant Manager

Pete is one of the younger members of the Butchery team at Blacker Hall, but at 25 year of age, he still has 10 years of experience, all at Blacker Hall. He started work here with a weekend and after school job, and with a genuine interest in food and cooking has worked his way up the ranks to the position of Assistant Manager.

Pete most enjoys talking to and serving customers, as well as creating new meal ideas and recipes. Pete’s often instrumental in developing new products for the Butchery counter.

He believes what makes the Butchery at Blacker Hall exceptional is the amount of experience across the full team – we’ve calculated it at over 2 centuries!


Joanne Kirton – Butchery Assistant

Joanne is 35 and has worked at Blacker Hall for the last 8 months, with no previous Butchery experience.

After working in the retail industry for the last 15 years, Joanne thought it would be an ideal opportunity to combine her passion for both customer service and love of food.

She enjoys working with a great team and dealing with customers on a daily basis. Joanne thinks the Butchery department is exceptional due to the wealth of great knowledge and helpful staff, the fact all our meat is locally sourced (or indeed from our own farm), and all products are made on site.

Joanne says that working in the Butchery inspires her to try all kinds of different recipes and cusines.