New season Yorkshire Spring Lamb

We’re excited to have new season Yorkshire Spring Lamb available from our Butchery and a whole host of new lamb produce for you to enjoy. Oven-ready cuts developed by our creative Butchery team include impressive Moroccan Spiced Lamb Roulades and Mediterranean Lamb Lollipops, as well as a Lamb Saddle stuffed with Yorkshire asparagus and salsa verde. All made here and guaranteed to taste just as amazing as they look! Choose from:

Anchovy and Caper Lamb Rack – Yorkshire lamb encrusted with a homemade crumb made with anchovies, capers, parsley and fresh lemon. Looking to impress? Combine two to form a guard of honour roast.
Mediterranean Lamb Lollipops – tastes as amazing as it looks, these are carefully crafted by our expert butchers. Locally reared lamb cutlet coated by hand and perfect to oven-roast or pan-fry.
Tandoori Style Lamb Chops – Succulent lamb chops in a tandoori style marinade, perfect to barbecue, grill or oven-roast.
Stuffed Lamb Saddle with Yorkshire Asparagus and Salsa Verde – the salsa verde is homemade by the Chefs in The Barn Café.
Moroccan Spiced Lamb Roulade – an impressive Yorkshire lamb roulade, highly flavoured with cumin, coriander, chilli, paprika and ginger.

Some of these new products were inspired by our young craft Butcher, Matt Lewis. Combining a passion for his skill and a love of food, he recently won the national Farm Retail Butchery and Display Competition at the FARMA conference held in Bristol in February 2017.

Each competitor was provided with a whole dressed carcase of lamb that they were tasked to work with to create a Butchery display consisting of eight different cuts and products, as well as lamb burgers.

The competition was judged on the basis of the individual’s skills and innovation, as well as on it’s customer appeal and the look of the produce in the counter. Of course it’s not just about how the produce looks, but also how it tastes, and the lamb burger was included as a staple product to judge on cooking and eating quality and texture.

This was a fantastic achievement personally for Matt and for Blacker Hall, as we pride ourselves on giving our young team opportunities to develop their skills and become experts at their craft.