Award winning Yorkshire steaks – Rumpette Steak

Butchery Manager, Ian Richardson, with the award-winning Blacker Hall Rumpette Steaks!

rumpette-steakThe Blacker Hall butchers use a Continental technique

The Rumpette steak is quickly becoming one of our most popular selling Yorkshire steaks. Cut from the very heart of the Rump steak, following the natural seams in the meat, means it is extremely tender, of a size similar to beef fillet with the unmistakeable flavour rump steak.

Ian, pictured left, explains that this steak deserves it’s reputation as an award-winning steak! “The combination of the great flavour, the very finely marbled fat through the meat, achieved by the farmers’ hard work, and the Continental seam butchery gives a perfect steak.”

Best Steak Gold Award
Q Guild BBQ Competition

The Rumpette can also be referred to as a ‘rump pave steak’ or ‘heart of rump steak’. It’ isn’t very common as only butchers who adopt the seam butchery approach will sell the cut. It can compare directly with fillet steak, and can be cooked in exactly the same way…. remember to always ‘oil the steak and not the pan/grill’ and ‘rest your steaks before serving!’

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