After indulging over the festive period, it’s good to start the New Year with some healthier intentions, and we have a few ideas and tips to make it easy!


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and by starting the day with a healthy choice you’re setting your body up for a day of good decisions.

1. Try a slice or two of our freshly baked bread, toasted and topped with crushed avocado, fresh tomato and a sprinkling of chilli flakes.
2. Load your body with essential nutrients with our Berry Smoothie recipe.
3. Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs is a delicious, protein packed option.
4. Try Yockenthwaite granola, Longley Farm natural yogurt and fresh fruit and a drizzle of Yorkshire honey!
5. Our range of sausages includes healthier options made with chicken, so lower in fat but still full of flavour.


Enjoy a nutrient packed soup for lunch and you will stay fuller for longer, helping you to avoid the temptation of sweet treats.

Making it easy for you to prepare your own soups at home, we have a new range of soup packs available to pick up from The Greengrocery, which include a quick and simple recipe card for you to follow. Choose from Creamy Vegan Carrot Soup with Coconut, Root Vegetable Soup, Curried Parsnip & Apple Soup and Carrot & Orange Soup.

Or try our recipe for Carrot & Ginger Soup – low fat and healthy. Sprinkle it with pumpkin seeds to add even more nutrients.


Here are a few of our favourite tips to keep yourself healthy and on track with your new healthy diet intentions:

1. Did you know that it takes around 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your head that you’re full? By eating slowly and savouring every mouthful of food you’ll avoid bloating (and have leftovers to enjoy the next day!).

2. Make a cup of fresh mint tea after your meal to aid digestion, especially if you eat late in the evening.

3. Winter is a perfect time to make nutritious soups for cold evenings, and you can even use leftover vegetables in the fridge to create a delicious new meal.

4. If you do fancy a treat, don’t deny yourself completely but remember moderation. A mouthful of good quality chocolate can be a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth craving.