Make the most of the fabulous Summer weather!

All of our exciting barbecue produce is made by our expert Butchers, Fishmongers and Chefs, and much of it is award-winning. Helping you to enjoy a great barbecue, why not take advantage of some of the great offers that we have available?

  • Most of our award-winning sausages are available in our 2 for £8 range
  • If you prefer to cook from scratch, our packs of Steak Mince (465g) and Two 7oz Chicken Fillets are also in our 2 for £8 range, perfect to make your own Burgers or make your own marinated chicken skewers
  • Enjoy 4 for £10 (mix and match) on our range of fish skewers and Beef or Lamb Kebabs. Our great tasting fish skewers include Monkfish and Chorizo with Rosemary and Lemon, Ras-el-Hanout Prawns, Salmon Teriyaki and Cod Skewers with an Olive and Sun-dried Tomato Marinade
  • Our meat and fish BBQ packs offer great value for money and each serve 2-4 people, subject to how much you can eat!
    • Our Tasting Packs are £7.50 each and perfect for two. They include Steak Burgers, Thick Pork Sausages and Chicken Skewers (available in a range of flavours)
    • Our Steak & Chicken Pack includes Beef Sandwich Steaks, Chicken Skewers and Steak Burgers. £17.50 per pack, saving over £2
    • Our Sausage, Burger and Kofta Pack includes Steak Burgers, our spicy Pork & Sweet Chilli Sausages and three Welsh Dragon Koftas. At £12.95 per pack, save £1.95
    • Our BBQ Fish Platter includes two salmon fillets, cod skewers, monkfish & chorizo skewers and crevettes and is just £19.95 per pack
  • A range of our freshly prepared Deli salads are available at 2 for £5

Pick up everything you need in one place. With freshly baked bread, homemade desserts and a range of marinades and condiments to choose from, enjoy a great Yorkshire barbecue!