There’s so much you can do with a whole chicken and a bit of creativity! Our chickens are locally reared for us by Robert Whitwham in Huddersfield. He has supplied us with great chickens for almost 20 years, putting quality and welfare first for an excellent flavour.

Our Butcher, Matt Lewis, says that one chicken could serve two people for three meals!

Sceptical? Here are his top tips on how to break down a raw chicken to maximise the yield and save money:

Break the chicken into portions

Ask your Butcher to break down a raw chicken into sections. The following could serve two people for three meals:

•2 skin on chicken fillets, perfect for pan frying
•2 chicken legs for slow cooking
•Carcass and 2 wings – cut them into smaller pieces and roast whilst you’re cooking the chicken legs. When they are brown and crispy, simmer in water for one hour to produce a great stock. You can pull the meat from the chicken bones and add to a tasty soup/paella or risotto.

Chicken crown and slow-roasted legs

Alternatively break the chicken into:
•A chicken crown on the bone for a quick roast
•2 boneless legs to stuff and slow roast

Chicken wings

Save your chicken wings in the freezer until you have enough for however many people you need to serve, then defrost and roast them off for a tasty super meal.


Save your chicken carcass in the freezer and defrost to make a batch of stock. This can then be re-frozen in portions or used fresh for great sauces, gravys, bone broth and as a base for soup.

Give these great tips a try to maximise how much you can get out of your Blacker Hall Farm Chicken!