Blacker Hall Farm

The Garthwaite family started farming at Blacker Hall Farm in the late 19th Century, and what began as a farming enterprise to support the family brewery evolved into a gastronomic destination with a strong focus on provenance. 

The majority of our beef and pork comes from our own farm, where our herd of cattle includes well bred Angus, Hereford, Simmental, Belgian Blue and Limousin. Edward’s sister, Mary, and her husband Matthew take care of 400 acres of farm land, growing wheat, barley, maize and a range of vegetables (which you can pick up in our Greengrocery). We also work with other great local farmers to ensure a consistent quality of locally reared meat for The Farm Shop and Barn Café. 

People often ask us, “Where’s the farm?”. Well, just look around you! The Farm Shop is surrounded by rural land which we use as pasture to grow our feed crops and vegetables. Our animals are free to graze in the nearby fields between here and junction 39 of the M1, but we ensure that they are fed on a mixture of nutritious home-grown cereals and forage crops to guarantee a unique flavour. We truly believe that happy animals give the best quality of meat. 

As a family of farmers we take a hands-on and traditional approach to everything we do to achieve the best quality possible. Our beef roasts and steaks are matured on the bone for a minimum of 21 days, our award-winning hams and bacon are dry-cured here by us, and our bread is freshly baked each morning. Whilst it’s impossible for us to compete with local supermarkets on price, there’s no contest when it comes to taste and provenance. 

Award Winning Farm Shop and Café

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