Most of our lamb is sourced from George Wood’s family farm, near Penistone. We asked George a few questions about his farm:

George, we have won numerous awards for our lamb products – what do you think makes your lamb so special?

We use selective breeding and the best breeding stock and they are reared on plenty of natural feeds, producing delicious and exceptional quality meat. We make sure we look after our sheep well – creating a ‘stress free’ life for them helps enhance the quality of the meat by ensuring the muscle stays tender.

Can you explain the difference between your meat compared to lamb that you might pick up in a supermarket?

There is no comparison, and one significant factor is how the meat is butchered. At Blacker Hall Farm Shop the meat is prepared by expert butchers and then displayed impressively in the counter, without the use of plastic packaging.

Which is your favourite lamb product from Blacker Hall?

Shoulder of Lamb is full of flavour as a result of the variation in the meat – the fact it has some fat adds to the depth of flavour in the meat.

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