Cooking for a crowd this Summer?

Call in for a chat and we’ll give you some great solutions!

The warm weather and the host of seasonal events, including the World Cup, are a great prompt for families and friends to get together. It can sometimes be a bit daunting if you’re the one responsible for cooking, particularly if you don’t want to be tied to the kitchen.

We can help you to enjoy your own party by making it easy for you to pull together the perfect Summer feast.

Whether you prefer to barbecue, serve up a delicious Yorkshire buffet, fancy a hot one-pot or a slow roast to serve on bread or flatbreads, we have everything you need. Ask our experts who will be happy to help you choose your meats and fish.

Pop to the counter and our team of Butchers and Fishmongers will happily marinade your meat or fish in a flavour of your choice, so all you have to do is pop it in the oven or on the grill.

  • Serve big platters, family style. Pop to our Deli to pick up our homemade pork pies and savoury pastries, quiches and cooked meats to create your own buffet platters. Serve with some of our freshly prepared salads and either home baked breads or sour-dough bread from the Leeds Bread Co-op.
  • Easy sharing appetisers. Create your own antipasti board with the range of charcuterie, olives and delicious artisan Italian antipasto dishes we have at The Deli. For something more traditional, try dipping crusty bread and crackers into a melting Camembert or Brie round topped with a Yorkshire onion marmalade or chilli jam.
  • Our trays of Chicken Wings and meat and fish are easy to pop in the oven or grill and make perfect finger food. Choose from Churrasco or Chinese Salt and Pepper Style Chicken Wings and a range of kebabs and skewers.
  • Chat with our Fishmongers to order seafood platters. Prepared to order, choose from a hot or cold seafood platter with the fantastic range of fresh fish and seafood we have available.
  • One stop shop barbecue! Award-winning sausages and burgers, skewers, sandwich steaks and marinated lamb and pork cuts, to name just a few of the barbecue options available at our Butchers and Fishmongers. We also have BBQ packs that are quick and easy for you to pick up, and a range of vegetarian options available at The Deli.
  • Big cuts of meat that can be easily carved are an easy option to cook and serve. Home-reared pork shoulder in a marinade for the perfect pulled pork sandwiches, or a locally reared lamb joint with a Greek or Middle Eastern style marinade, served on flatbreads with salads and dips.