Our Trainee Wine Sommelier, Jack has introduced four new premium fine French wines to our existing range. Why not pick up a bottle from the Farm Shop when you’re next doing your shop. Please read on for Jack’s tasting notes and pairing recommendations.

Pommier Petit Chablis-Chardonnay, 2017.ORGANIC £22.50

The classification of ‘Petit Chablis’ is given to Chablis wine grown on Portlandian soil as opposed to Kimmeridgian, unfairly seen as a lighter bodied, inferior wine. However, there is nothing “little” about this Petit Chablis. Aromatic nose with ripe white fruits: quince, green apple. Slight creamy and bready notes. On the palate this wine is crisp, sharp and citrusy, with a delicious finish and classic minerality.

Absolutely perfect when paired with grilled salmon.

Chateaumeillant Grappes, 2016. Gamay & Pinot Noir Blend, Loire. £18.00

A must taste curiosity from a little-known district in the Loire valley, France, and is made from a blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay. Light in both body and colour it is packed with flavours of ripe red forest fruits, red cherries, red currant, and raspberry. Good acidity and tannin structure mean this wine is even better paired with food, particularly game. Lengthy finish.

Wonderful with duck.


Nuits Saint Georges Gavignet Vieilles Vignes, 2014. Pinot Noir, Burgundy. £39.50

Burgundy Pinot Noir, as far as I am concerned, is some of the best wine in the world. This is Nuits Saints Georges, a town within the northern part of the Burgundy region, producing fantastic Pinot Noir which is as elegant as it is powerful. “Vieilles Vignes” means old vines, as a vine ages it produces less fruit but with far more concentrated flavour. Combined this all results in a stunning example of Pinot Noir, aromas of red cherry, raspberry, strawberry, oak, cloves, as well as classic earthy notes that balance out the fruitiness. The texture is silky smooth with a fantastic balance of acidity and tannin. This is prime Pinot Noir.

Pair it with rack of lamb, served pink.

Prunier Bonheur Saint-Romain, 2014. Chardonnay, Burgundy, £25.75

Hailing from the Southern part of Burgundy, golden yellow in colour, riper, richer style of Chardonnay than Chablis. Full bodied, this Saint Romain has flavours of ripe stone fruit, peach, apricot, as well as lemon, cream, and a bit of toast. Retaining the natural acidity of chardonnay, this wine is crisp and mouth-watering, balancing out the intense fruit flavours and texture. Excellent long finish and a lovely, buttery texture.

Superb with something creamy such as chicken pot pie or mushroom risotto.