Fruity Kitchen, jams and preserves

We have recently partnered with Yorkshire made Fruity Kitchen jams and preserves, scrumptious to serve with our freshly baked bread and croissants. So delicious, they’re also our jam of choice in The Barn Café.

Mother and daughter team, Hannah and Julia, are Fruity Kitchen, and we asked them a little bit about their business and their passion for jam… and Christmas!

Where is Fruity Kitchen based?

Our kitchen is located just North of York in Sutton on the Forest.

How long has Fruity Kitchen been preserve cooking?

We have been hand producing and traditionally cooking our jams and chutneys for nine years. Julia began the business after being made redundant from a preserve cooking role. With a passion for the quality flavours she had mastered producing, the Fruity Kitchen was created around our kitchen table back in 2008. Julia had learnt how to cook a great tasting range of products and had asked potential customers about the demand. It was high. Even in a highly competitive industry, a great tasting traditional jam, they said was difficult to come across. There was scope and potential.

What methods do you use to produce your jams and chutneys?

We cook five days a week using traditional open jam pans as you would do at home and the same methods Mum, and many others would have seen their grandparents use at home in the old days! Our original ethos was ‘We stir it, pour it, pack it, and wrap it’ and that still stands today.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We use local Spilman fruits from Thirsk when we can, which is just a few miles from us. We are able to freeze the fruit so we can stock up as best we can whilst the strawberries and raspberries are available. We often work with local allotment owners for fruits and vegetables and are lucky to have bramley apples from a family orchard tree once a year.

Which are your favourites in your range to enjoy at Christmas, and what do you enjoy them with?

Our Autumn Chutney is an all year round winner, made with plums, apples and Black Sheep Ale! Ideal for those Winter nights and a Boxing Day favourite with a spread of cheese and crackers and a cheeky tipple!

How do you typically spend your Christmas Day?

We usually enjoy a breakfast of pastries served with our Strawberry Jam of course! A traditional Yorkshire family, we like to eat the Christmas dinner early around 1pm and then it’s a good afternoon in front of the movies. We love a Christmas tea too. Sausage rolls with our infamous Piccalilli and the cheese board with an array of chutneys. It’s all about the food for us.