Hodgson’s Fish

Fresh fish and seafood

We partner with Hodgson Fish to bring a fresh fish to Blacker Hall Farm.

W Hodgson was established in 1916 as a family-business in the fishing port of Hartlepool, when it was mainly Whiting, Haddock, Cod and Plaice which dominated the slabs.

Today, the business is still owned and run by the same family under the Hodgson Fish brand, and their product range has grown substantially to include Tuna, Swordfish, Scallops, Bream, Sea Bass and many other ‘fruits of the sea’ for both the home cook and discerning chef.

Hodgson Fish is one of the best known fish merchants on the East Coast, supplying the freshest seafood to leading hotels and restaurants throughout the north of England. Modern chefs – whether professional or enthusiastic home cooks – are constantly seeking a wider range of the freshest fish and Hodgson Fish quite simply supplies the best produce that the world’s oceans have to offer.

In addition to their own fleet’s catches, their knowledgeable and experienced buying team liaise with all the major UK ports on a daily basis to ensure they always have the best quality and variety of fish available.

Modern refrigeration and air transport also allow them to offer a dazzling array of fish and other species of seafood from international waters, working with leading international ports on a daily basis to source a fabulous bounty of the world’s best catch.