Pork & Gammon

An essential part of any good Yorkshire Christmas spread, especially when served cold for Boxing Day tea! 

GO THE WHOLE HOG WITH OUR HOME-REARED PORK, Who can resist a slice of tender home-reared pork and the crunch of crispy crackling?! All our pork comes from our family farm and is prepared by our Butchers, who skillfully prepare our succulent pork roasting joints. 

Dry Cured Gammon
From £10.50 - £46.95
Boneless Loin of Pork
From £13.50 - £35.10
Boneless Pork Shoulder
From £12.75 - £20.75
Dry Cured Smoked Gammon
From £16.95 - £37.95
Boneless Leg of Pork
From £13.60 - £29.95
Belly Pork Roulade Porchetta
From £9.95 - £19.90
Apricot Stuffed Pork
From £12.45 - £17.45
Rack of Pork
From £21.95 - £35.50